How to Choose the Right BIM Support Partner ?

How to Choose the Right BIM Support Partner ?

The importance of BIM services and digital content is growing every day. Choose the Right BIM Support Partner is important. The industry is on the cusp of going through a major revolution–with the move toward sustainable management practices, collaboration, and data availability. There are a lot of companies that provide the services needed to enable BIM in residential construction, retail construction and commercial construction. Researching and choosing the right partner requires a thoughtful process where deliberation, research and face-to-face meetings are all critical.

In the construction industry, documentation is a process that goes between architectural drafting and design development. In scenarios where practices decide to transition to object-oriented BIM or have an internal team unable to handle all of the duties, there’s a need for external help. We understand that this can be an important process in your business and we would like to be able to support you through it.Firms sometimes elect to look for experienced architectural BIM services, like collaboration models do, or Revit 3D modelling support partners. That said, things can get complicated when your support partner does not have quality processes and standards in place. As a result, it’s important for firms to ensure certain requirements are met before you engage with them.

What’s the right BIM service provider for your construction company? This can be tricky to discern, but we’re here to help you identify the best option. Rethinking the way you design a building can also have a positive impact on the building industry in more ways than one. BIM technology, for instance, can be used by project owners, architects, engineers and contractors to create sustainable products in the residential, healthcare or commercial industries.

Some challenges that the adoption of BIM processes present are:

  • Requires a substantial amount of capital due to the use of expensive software
  • The lack of trained and skilled 3D BIM resources
  • Modifications in infrastructure to support building information modeling technology

Outsourcing BIM services may seem like a difficult and time-consuming task, but it can prove to be effective. As with any business decision, you will need to do your research and work as efficiently as possible. Consider the following factors when looking for an offshore BIM partner:

  1. Delivery Capability – The most powerful asset of a BIM company are their employees. The key is to make sure the BIM architects and engineers they hire have the required credentials to do the job properly. Meetings with company personnel can help identify those technical skills, experience, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses that complement what you need.
  2. Dedicate point to contact – A project manager serves as the liaison between a firm and a construction service provider. He or she talks with the architectural firm’s representative to understand what they expect, as well as how to make them happy in the end.
  3. Experience – When it comes to choosing an offshore firm, firms should investigate how long the team has been together and where past projects have been delivered. They can also look at portfolios and experience to see the quality of past work that has been completed successfully. If the company doesn’t have a proven track record, they can request a pilot project with clearly defined requirements. Firms can also check BIM families, standards and parameters that have been used on previous projects.
  4. Define project flow – When it comes to 3D architectural modelling and construction documentation, clear process is key. Once a senior leader has taken on the project, he or she should break down the client’s needs into a manageable task-specific scope. The purpose of the scope is to establish the responsibilities of each team member on the team. Depending on your budget and timeline, this may be written for you by your project manager or included in a document further back in the process. Regardless, it will ultimately determine how long each member will work!
  5. Production Planning road map – Sometimes, the simplest way to keep a project on track is to map out a timeline for documentation delivery. From scaling drawings, dimensions and symbols to using annotations and abbreviations, traditional CAD-based processes can be complicated. So if you don’t have those tools in your toolkit, consider setting them up beforehand. One of the great things about modern workflows is that they utilize BIM and incentive collaboration with different models. The result? More efficient, standardized data sharing among all members of a project team.
  6. Multi-tier quality check – Quality check protocols are integral in delivering accurate standards-compliant architectural BIM modelling and construction documentation support to architectural practices. The first phase entails draftsmen reviewing their peers work, followed by a review by the team leader. The final tier calls for the project manager to check each of the central models in detail and approve them before extracting documentation. Documents are then reviewed to make sure they meet specifications set by the client so that everything is completed with your client’s satisfaction.
  7. Online coordination –Successful outsourcing partnerships have to be structured in a way that keeps both sides of the agreement on track and meets their expectations. Dedicated meetings help build trust and make sure both the client and the outsourcing team are on the same page. Partnering using best practices from industry standards, as well as considering your account’s initial project methodology will ensure a successful outcome for all personnel involved.
  8. Reasonable  Costing –When deciding on an architectural BIM service, it’s important to consider not only the cost of the service but also how consistent it is and what effort goes into producing a high-quality product. Be wary that there may be a chance that companies might charge less and promise low quality output.
  9. Updated technology – The latest software and infrastructure are essential for an offshore BIM services partner. A partner supports the latest technological advancements and delivers high-quality services with consistency.
  10. ReferencesAsking questions is key to making sure that you’re working with a credible company. Jump on the phone or chat with them to make sure they can provide references, past and current partners or any others who may have insight into how the company functions on their website. You can also get up-to-date info when it comes to how projects run and whether quality is consistent.For a BIM outsourcing partner to be reputable and trustworthy, they must offer high quality work that is delivered on-time without compromising, which supports the needs of the business. Expectations, scope, schedules and deliverable should be clearly outlined beforehand and it’s imperative to ensure that your BIM support services provider is knowledgeable about technology. When all these boxes are confirmed as “satisfactory”, you can move forward with finding a reliable and experienced partner that delivers on time, within budget, continuously and of great quality.

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