Tonkin Liu's Pioneering Shell Lace Structure: The Tower of Light and Wall Energy

Tonkin Liu's Pioneering Shell Lace Structure: The Tower of Light and Wall Energy

Twenty-five percent of the energy in The Tower of Light and the Wall of Energy is biomass, reducing carbon emissions and providing a cost effective solution. The tiles are shaped with organic curves, which create artificial diffraction. Pioneering Shell Lace Structure.

The Civic Quarter Heat Network and Energy Centre in the city produces low-carbon energy, while also taking into account architectural interventions by Tonkin Liu.

Project Highlights of the Tower of Light and the Wall of Energy

The goal is to create a landmark and public space that celebrates the cutting-edge tech used to make and distribute cleaner energy. Inside the tower is machinery, like gas boilers, that create clean energy for surrounding buildings. The Broad gate Tower in Manchester, UK is covered in 1,373 tiles. The laser-cut steel sheets encircle the tower and LED lights illuminate it at night. The meshes in the steel sheets get larger as you go up the tower.

The new CHP energy center produces a clean, new power source in Manchester’s Civic Quarter. The £20 million Towers of Light and Wall of Energy use a 12-mW gas boiler and state-of-the-art CHP engine that saves 1,600 tonnes of carbon emissions per year

Tower of light and the wall of energy - the world largest shell lace structure

A new building in Manchester, England has been completed, which is now the longest Shell Lace Structure in Britain. Located in the city centre, it uses low carbon energy technology to keep it running and a 40-meter tall Tower of Light to protect it. The Shell Lace Structure serves as the foundation for the tower in this design, which draws inspiration from natural geometry. Single-surface, ultra-lightweight structures like this one achieve more with less material – the Shell Lace Structure served as the foundation of this design when it was created by Tonkin Liu and engineers at Arup.

The Shell Lace Structure is made of sheets of steel that have been customized and then joined together to create a sturdy form. Construction techniques from the past combined with cutting-edge digital modeling has led to the successful creation of the Shell Lace Structure.

The new energy center is surrounded by a long “wall of energy” which can reflect the sky and people. Inside, there is a window that displays the high-tech operations. The tower of light has dynamic lights that are lit with the help of an LED system. It is designed to store solar energy and reflect sunlight during the day as well as incorporate light from other sources at night which makes it all achievable with a small amount of energy, during the day however it sends all the power stored in there to illuminate streetlights and those on passing cars.

The final representations of the tower and wall are made by Tonkin Liu in collaboration with regional fabricators. The master welders at Shaw ton Engineering created the steel parts of the tower while Darwen Terracotta, one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the UK, produced the ceramic tiles.

The benefits of the new heat network include its providing energy with a low carbon footprint and for being efficient. The new, innovative Energy Centre in Manchester has all of the capacity for new energy technologies, and it can generate hot water for the entire city, saving carbon emissions by 45%.

The Tower of Light and the Wall of Energy come together to form an all-encompassing energy landmark that engages communities with cutting-edge technologies at the core of Manchester’s low carbon goal. With modern manufacturing and tailoring, the Tower of Light has been built from sheets and laser-cut. The structure has an attractive appearance and is strong, which is why it’s the largest Shell Lace Structure that has ever been built.

The Wall of Energy

The Wall of Energy is 63 meters long and 6 meters tall, with a ceramic tessellated pattern that reflects light from the sky. The new energy center has a dynamic pattern on each tile, with 31 different types of tiles. It holds windows that showcase the technological workings of the center, and roofing that looks like waves in sand

Sustainable Architecture -A Low Energy Center

Sustainable Architecture -A Low Energy Center

Tower of Light is an architectural landmark that minimizes energy and still features quality lighting based on the time of day. Reflectors are used to reflect sunlight during the day, while LEDs are used with reflections at night. In special occasions, the walls of light feature a cultural celebration’s color scheme.

The tower and the wall were made locally with the utmost attention to detail and care for veterans in mind. The Tower of Light is a 40-metre tall tower that will house a low-carbon energy centre in Manchester’s city centre. The tower was created through the cooperation of Tonkin Liu, Arup engineers and biometric – the study of geometry in nature. The Shell Lace Structure was built with modern advanced methods of construction, principles of tailoring, and an analysis digital modeling.

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