Measuring the Quantity of BIM Removed Accurately Can be Difficult

Measuring the quantity of BIM removed accurately can be difficult
Utilizing the Accuracy of BIM Quantity Take off and consequently material procurement

Accuracy is the most important aspect of a BIM of Quantity. If the estimation is not correct, it will have a negative effect on your business. In cases of underestimation, you’ll have to pay for the costs until (and if) your estimations are correct.

Poor estimation in bidding can lead to costly failed bids at the contract stage. However, the victim of this issue is typically a contractor, when it really should be a project as a whole.

The Typical Pain Areas for BoQs Industry Wide Are
  • With a 2D drafting system, surveying does not require laborious quantity take-offs. This means that a surveying team can focus on the design and develop their own understanding of how the construction will progress more quickly.
  • Even though BOQ industry needs the cost and resource-loaded schedule, it’s not in their hierarchical structure.
  • There are a lot of methods for estimating labor cost codes and scheduling resources that varies in level of detail.
  • BOQ or the schedule is not the best structure for cost controlling and cost capture But a third structure should be mapped to these two for cost controlling and cost capture.
Estimating Process

The estimator predicts an amount at a given stage, based on the cost data available. This process is called cost estimation.

BIM of Quantity Unit prices are by far the most commonly used form of cost estimation.

This approach assigns a unit cost to each component or task, and then sums the quantities that are multiplied by the corresponding unit costs to get the total cost of the project.

The unit cost method is accurate and easy to use but only if done properly. The three key factors that determine its success are the size of the lot, number of purchases and market conditions.

  • Accuracy is the most important aspect of a BIM of Quantity.
  • Construction applications are broadly classified into two categories: fixed price and cost reimbursable. Fixed price applications are those in which both the seller and buyer agree that the seller will produce a product or furnish services to meet specific requirements at a specified fixed price. Cost reimbursable arrangements, on the other hand, are those in which labor cost, material cost, and overhead cost are reimbursed by the general contractor to each subcontractor as such items are used or incurred.
  • One of the most important pieces of construction management software is estimating tools. These help you calculate costs by incorporating your WBS and BOQ, as well as reporting them in a format that matches what your clients need.

In addition to the three main factors mentioned, there are many other fixed or variable factors that should be taken into account when estimating. For example: changes in tax rates, currency fluctuations, and contingencies like penalties for late deliveries could all affect the final cost.

Generating Accurate BIM Quantity Take-off

The best way to get an accurate BIM of Quantity (BoQ) is by using Building Information Modeling. BIM will not only eliminate errors in your BIM of Quantity (BoQ), but also give you a more reliable estimate of the project’s cost.

BIM stands for building information modeling, which provides a single and accurate model of the design instead of providing several drawings. A BIM model can create a bim quantity takeoff automatically, which means it will track every building element and material. Whenever there is a change in the design, the bio mechanical analysis will also be updated.

Example of Building Information Modeling Service Quantity Comparison

One of the most important aspects to discuss before starting a project is the initial and future costs of the project. When discussing cost escalation and managing material, you can’t go wrong.

The quantity of architectural components is calculated during the schematic, tender, and Good-For-Construction (GFC) stages. At the schematic stage, it is used for budgeting.

As the design is refined at the GFC stage, the revised quantities are used to evaluate change requests. The BIM quantities are compared against tender costs on completion of execution, and BIM quantity take-offs from the model are used for bill verification.

The accuracy of BIM is much higher than thumb rule calculations, which helps control cost escalation and disputes during the checking process. Overall, adopting building information modeling systems will help with accuracy and quality throughout every stage of construction.

One of the main benefits of Building Information Modeling is more accurate estimations and materials procurement. While it’s hard to summarize this benefit through our project experiences.

BIM Solutions Application and Benefits to Stakeholder

Building information modeling (BIM) solutions are becoming more and more common every day. With BIM, bills of quantities are generated by extracting information from the building’s modeled plan. There are many benefits to an integrated BIM solution, which will be valuable for all members of the construction industry–from project managers and owners to contractors.

Building Information Modeling doesn’t just help make managing your projects easier. It also enables project managers and architects to provide services on behalf of their clients, so you can focus on what you do best: getting things done efficiently. With the use of Cost Consultants too, you can even get quick and credible cost planning, analysis, and procurement services. These benefits don’t stop there though – BIM helps contractors support future amendments.

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