How Dynamo Can Help You Create Higher-Quality BIM Models

How Dynamo Can Help You Create Higher-Quality BIM Models

REVIT Dynamo is an innovative tool that harnesses project data and logic to help designers, modelers and architects generate automated objects. It speeds up time-intensive construction practices while improving efficiencies by employing analytic , parametric modeling and generative design. As a seasoned architect and designer, you might find yourself struggling to design a building or other complex object.

REVIT is an excellent tool for architects and designers that can easily create BIM models and get an architect’s conception of your work. With its integration with Dynamo, it becomes even more powerful. Through computational design and data-driven automation, REVIT Dynamo equips designers to explore their options through logical data models. With this method, multiple design options can be explored without having to build them manually, due to the machine learning technologies that power it.

Changes In BIM Workflow Efficiency

When creating a BIM project, there are often lots of repeatable tasks that require development and coordination. But here are some other types of usual challenges:

  • It’s easy for repetitive tasks to cause delays in projects.
  • The probability of human errors leading to rework
  • Unproductive use of skilled workforce to proofread and make design changes
  • More and more ambiguity in the level of detailing is leading to an increase in requests for information

The challenges that are faced by startups when automating workflows

Automating workflows is a great way to eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time for other projects. It allows you to isolate those BIM activities which aren’t worth the time and effort, so that you can focus on those things which are important.

Architects, engineers, and design firms need to prioritize deadlines and increased productivity.  with Dynamo helps make your workflows more flexible and efficient with automation. With accustomed workflows, you focus on the creative process with no more time wasted on difficult tasks.We offer a list of tools that automate various BIM aspects, such as 3D models, Revit enforced and data-extraction.

Understanding Dynamo Better

What is Dynamo?

Dynamo is an open-source platform that helps architects, designers, and engineers extend BIM or Revit API capabilities through visual programming. Dynamo-based solutions are so powerful and dynamic because they’re created for your specific project needs. Dynamo is an interesting approach to generating content and enhancing workflows because it inherently helps reduce costs and risks. It also leverages visual simplicity, script performance, information flow, detail and complexity – which all contribute to a greater ROI.

Dynamo with Python

Dynamo has been extended with powerful new capabilities through concise code and attainable writing for loops and conditional statements with the use of Python. Released in a visual programming system, this allows programmers to write code quickly, easily, and easily while maintaining efficiency.

  • The benefits you gain by using Python-based capabilities with Dynamo include:
  • Scripts that run faster and handle more complex tasks or operations
  • By replacing every node with a single script, you will be able to increase the productivity of your design workflows in a variety of ways.
  • Real-time data access with minimal effort with our web API technology
Benefits of Dynamo

Dynamo model automation helps reduce repetitive tasks and increase design efficiency by connecting the dots with a myriad of possibilities.

Automotive Repetitive Tasks

Any task that you’re trying to complete with Dynamo can be broken down into a step-by-step process. You’ll also find that this makes it easier to identify low-level tasks, and focus on what needs to be built as a priority. There’s value in doing multiple tasks, especially when those tasks are related or involved with one another. For example, when needed to create large amounts of identically-sized sheets, creating them individually can be a hassle.

Easy Access Your Building Data

Combining and accessing information from various sources becomes easier by using Dynamo. If you’re working on building a database with multiple BIM/BIMX files, you’ll need some way to import and export data. Generating bi-directional communication between the BIM model and Excel can help you get the job done easily.

If you’re curious about what people are actually talking about, then Dynamo is a great tool for data-specific activities. In addition to this, it can also be pushed back into the original model in order to re-evaluate that data point.

Explore multiple design option

Dynamo digital design prototyping software is known for its ability to quickly and accurately build designs that are simple, yet detailed. Dynamo is an online platform that helps designers and engineers create designs, layouts, and more. With over 100 different design projects, there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Test performers  

Before building a project, it’s critical to conduct testing in order to make sure there are less costly design changes during the construction process. To enhance performance and quality control, it’s important to make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary processes running. Evaluating Revit models for size, families, views, etc. can help you do so.

Think Computationally

A systematic approach based on parameters that takes into account design and workflow efficiency can help architects, designers, and engineers implement revisions for better results. A chain of input and output nodes, combined with processes that are streamlined, makes it possible to repeat procedures quickly and efficiently.

Integrating Dynamo into BIM workflow

Dynamo is really easy to use and helps you achieve various repetitive, yet crucial tasks with generative design automation. Here’s a simple 6-step process of how this software works.

1. Add level about selected level
Complex structures such as skyscrapers can be created with a single level provided the proper planning and design work is done. But imagine constructing several hundred levels. The simplest and most efficient way to generate level moderators is using our interface. Specifying the height of the level and adding in the total number of levels is all they will take

2. Rotate multiple column on their axis
Rotating an array of columns can be a challenging task that requires more time than you think. Dynamo allows you to easily create a basic three-column site with rotating columns. Not only do you get three columns, but each column can rotate individually through our customization visual programming. Column rotation can be a laborious process, and Dynamo takes the pain away with their unique visualization.

3. Output data

  • Equipment to Excel : This graphs example provides an easy way to understand structure and data for a specific category. It also enables parameter reporting, which exports into Excel with headings.
  • Scope box review : Scope Box Review is an advanced software that is capable of identifying every view plan and exporting the sheet’s number, name, and other parameters.
  • View range manager : View range managers (VMs) help sculpt the contents of your website to be a unique experience for every user. You can use this tool to identify view plan elements and export those parameters to an Excel file, eliminating the need for extensive coding or other complicated development processes.
  • Work set reporter : A work set graph allows for a review of the organization of model elements based on user input or selection in the active view. The outputs are exported to Excel for a thorough reporting.

4. Visualization

  •  Column splicing : Multiple column-splicing is time-consuming, but it was made easy with this graph. Splice offsets, elevations, column level, and other Revit features are all customization for easy splicing.
  •  Span to depth : QA/QC teams can use the Dynamo graph to confirm the span-to-depth ratio for structural design.
  •  Slider sun setting : Slides allow users to adjust the various settings on the sun based on an axonometric view. These include year, month, day, shadow intensity, and more.

5. Process Data

  • Write to mechanical equipment :- Work flow schedules speed the execution of large data values that have been retrieved with Mechanical components.
  • Auto-set all equipment location by space name :- Category elements can be set with a bounding box and evaluated on the site’s space or room category.
  • Pipe Height adjust :- Objects in the pipe category can be selected to modify the current offset height to a new one.
  • Space and room data clear :- This view’s graph is used to reset space and room names on devices with a new input value.

A common challenge with enhancing BIM integration within projects is that many organizations don’t yet have the right tools in place. Because of this, it can be difficult to navigate project workflows and stay on top of every aspect of your project. That’s where Revit Add-ins come in! They provide a central hub for all your project data, making it easier to make processes quicker. Bringing automation into your workflow will help you create a central hub for all your project data, providing long-term flexibility and efficiency.

Dynamo tools are exceptionally versatile, and their ability to help produce high-quality project deliverable, reduce costs and timelines, cut down design barriers more fluidly and reliably than ever before. The possibilities for increased collaboration everywhere, alongside a streamlined product development process make these tools the ideal answer for project deliverable, big and small.

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