Why is BIM beneficial in the construction industry?

Why is BIM beneficial in the construction industry

What is BIM or Building Information Modelling ?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology that creates simulations of virtual buildings. These simulations contain both graphical and non-graphical information thanks to the Common Data Environment CDE.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides all the information about a building or facility, such as its physical/functional characteristics and project life cycle information.

BIM Application in Construction

  • Envision-3D renderings give you a more detailed idea of what your final design will look like, rather than the descriptions and sketches.
  • Code reviews– How construction employees and other officials use BIM models
  • Material Analysis– Explore how BIM can be used to demonstrate potential failures, leaks, clashes, evacuation plans, and more.
  • Aptitude Management-building information modelling used to town planning, care and feeding
  • Valuation-You can input in-depth information about the building you are constructing and generate a cost estimate quickly and easily.
  • Structure Sequencing– BIM allows you to coordinate the making and distribution of all building elements.

Why do you need BIM? Benefits of BIM in Construction

EGILE & Efficient Communication

The symbiotic approach and collaboration are easy when you’re using a digital BIM.

Model Based Construction Cost Estimating

Cost estimation can be done in the planning stage, and this is more effective.  This includes identifying construction assemblies and factoring risks, controlling life cycle costs better, and understanding performance more foreseen.

Visualize project in planning or preconstruction stage

In the Preconstruction stage, use of BIM tools to generate 3D visualizations and simulations helps projects progress better.

Clash Detection

Autodesk BIM 360 Glue reduce the need for rework. Machines can detect clashes even before construction begins and can produce quality built as well as human craftsmen.

Enhanced Scheduling

The use of BIM software in construction projects provides an easy way to make alterations that adapt to any changes on site. The improved collaboration & communication allows for more detailed planning, resulting in a timely project delivery.

Enhanced Productivity with Prefabrication and modular construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM)  can be used to create more efficient designs using prefabrication, that can then be manufactured in a controlled environment.

BIM beneficial in the construction industry
Mitigating Risk for Better Safety

Building Information Modeling use structure data and machine learning to have better coordination with contractors and results in reduced cost for risk. BIM also helps by analyzing potential hazards beforehand and recognizes risks on site that may not have been seen otherwise.

Organize Facility Management

Automated processes are made more efficient by Building Information Modeling . Additive manufacturing can be utilized in construction projects through BIM and could lead the future of architecture and construction.

BIM Benefits for AEC Industry

A leader in the design and construction industry, BIM is relevant to many professionals. The ones who get the most value are…

  • Architects– With design experience, BIM has become part of the design process. 43% of contractors and 41% of owners say architects have a high degree of value to them when BIM is used in the design phases.
  • Structural Engineering-Contractors can see major benefits with the use of BIM, due to what is modeled (steel columns, trusses, beams; 47% of contract polled.
  • Construction Manager And General Contractor– It takes a lot of time and money to create a construction project. If any rework is needed, it will increase the time and cost. The likeliness that the owner will see value in a Construction Manager is higher than normal, which is probably because of the cut backs on any potential rework.
  • Fabricators-Building Information Modelling (BIM) reduces conflicts and facilitates clash detection among building plans. Building fabrication can reduce waste as well as save time by pre- assembling. Contractors are more likely to experience higher value while contractors, architects, engineers and owners are expected to experience lower value.
  • MEP Engineers – Building Information Modeling is applicable in many different ways. MEPs coordinate larger elements such as duct systems and air handlers, while smaller components such as electrical switches and outlets are simpler to model. Surprisingly, few engineers see the highest value MEP engineers reap, with a greater amount of contractors seeing significant value in MEPs.

A study by the Stanford University Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering revealed that when making commercial building projects, BIM (a 3D modeling software) has resulted in more benefits than just economic.

  • Find out how using BIM can cut the costs on construction projects and lead to 40% less refused change.
  • Learn which industries have benefits  most from the use of BIM.
  • up to 10% save contract value through clash detection.
  • BIM Levels and Dimension – Explained Scope and Benefits


Why is BIM Important?

 Using Building Information Modeling to manage projects, reduces an organization’s costs and improves efficiency, which leads to better profitability and improved client relationships. Using Building Information Modeling for construction also allows designers and builders to collaborate more efficiently, leading to reduced costs.

Increasing global mandates for BIM represent a new paradigm of how AEC operates.

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