4D BIM in Construction Routine and Sequencing

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What is Sequencing in 4D Construction ?

Model Creation – A four-dimensional model is made from a three- dimensional model and time is added. However, every project has its own timeline and you should discuss what additional details are needed to create the model. The goal of a four-dimensional model is to minimize work with linking items in the model to the construction timeline. Sometimes there’s a difference between the four-dimensional schedule and the construction schedule; in these cases, it’s necessary to add more activities to the four-dimensional model that correspond to both tasks. 4D Construction Sequencing combines 3D models with Project Program’s to generate a visual timeline of construction. It is the best tool for on-site construction, as it makes understanding the construction phases and timelines easier to understand.

Construction scheduling or sequencing is used in the 4D BIM to plan and schedule a project’s time. This 4D modeling ensures timely decisions are made, which benefits construction companies by saving time, reducing risks, and preventing delays.

4D Construction sequencing is a great tool for on-site construction because it helps users understand the time line and schedule of various construction phases. With BIM modelling, we can link construction elements across Architectural, Structural and MEP discipline to create a 4D simulation representing the time line and schedule of completion. From this 4D simulation, we can determine where delays are occurring so that building construction can start again.

4D construction sequencing is a creative way of presenting building design, details and timelines by creating a simulation that allows designers to communicate their ideas with clients and contractors easily. It integrates the data of several different construction phases and makes it easy to visualize buildings while they are being constructed. 4D BIM can be used to plan buildings before they have been started then visualize their progress during construction.

➡ Scheduling 4D Construction - Ways to keep Construction Project on Schedule ?

In the AEC industry, there is limited success with 2D bar charts or graphs that portray production schedules and sequences. However, these traditional methods are lengthy, unorganized, and overwhelm stakeholders. They also limit team members to look at their individual activities in a project. New technology provides for more creative software that collaborates with team members and inspires project collaboration.

With building construction rapidly changing to 3D models, builders are able to visualize the design of a building before the actual construction begins. Virtualization the building conceptually through BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows for efficient decision making and on-time delivery of projects.

 Important of 4D BIM in Scheduling Construction Projects

4D Project Scheduling Combine traditional project management techniques with BIM; 4D BIM cuts down time in construction to generate plans, sections and more.

There is no longer any debate that BIM will help the construction industry get better. 60% of people surveyed stated that BIM has helped them cut costs and over 50% said that it made project delivery faster. 75% of respondents said that BIM helps with operations and maintenance.

With this 4D BIM Services, a construction team can efficiently plan the different phases of development. It also has accuracy in creating construction videos and simulations. Primavera is integrated with BIM tools such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks for a more complete management of supply chain coordination and asset allocation.

4D Modeling Steps

Collecting Information– One of the best ways to collect and coordinate data exchange is through holding project kick-off meetings early in the process. These meetings help ensure that everyone involved understands their role, know when data should be exchanged, what to expect the 4D model will look like, and how communication will work.

Creation of Model  -The all team members need to be sure that the design is created according to complexity of specific materials, time frame, and other challenges like technology available.

Model Study– The needs of a project should be met when considering the construction project’s schedule. The model for the schedule must include all relevant components and be doable, as well as understandable.

 Simulation and 4D Phasing   – The process of using a 3D BIM Model is that it helps in the blending process with time and computing the schedule data. The plan will record the simulation of the project activities over stages.


⭐ Advantages of 4D BIM In Construction Scheduling

Enhanced Visualization of Construction Project Lifecycle and Process – 4D BIM models helps in the construction industry and projects to visualize, model, and work on large and complex projects.

Improve Construction Management and Planing – When project management uses a 4D model, they can better prepare for upcoming steps. For example, large projects are better prepared when the project managers use their models to figure out the best time to book equipment, buy materials, hire specialists, and coordinate with different activities.

Efficient Risk Management  and Clash 4D ( Building Information Modeling ) BIM construction tools, a project can be managed more efficiently and the safety of both members of the team and the client is ensured. 4D BIM models are also easier to use for coordinating team members.

 Enhance Collaboration and Coordination–  Unified team collaboration allows for project managers to efficiently distribute work across different members and strategize how the team will collaborate for the best end product. It also helps with the most efficient use of resources and saves funds by using them only when necessary.

Better Execution of Construction Process – With 4D BIM, accurate project timelines can be created in order to execute the project life cycle efficiently.

 Easy Tracking and Monitoring of Advancement– With 4D models, you can literally see the construction of your building. They play a crucial role by both physically tracking the every move and changes in projects as well as visually mapping them.

 Better Bidding Representation – With high detailed 3D and 4D BIM models, bidding on construction projects is more accurate thanks to all the important events that can be seen in the model.

 Cost EffectiveBuilding Information Modeling  software significantly boosts your project productivity by providing specific insights and access to relevant construction, renovations, demolition expertise. It also delivers better project cost management throughout the whole life cycle of a project.

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