Welding Fixture Design | Region: USA

Industry: Construction Equipments


  • Leading manufacturer of Sheet metal components in the United States.


  • Design and Development of welding Fixture for Catwalk Staircase.

Business Challenge

  • The project included components as well as whole product Development cycle including fixture design.
  • Mechanical design need to be done in such a way that, the same fixture can be used for Left-Right hand side version.
  • The main Challenge involved in this Project is, to design whole Fixture only using Sheet Metal Plate and not by any Machining Blocks Strict dead line to meet.

Milestone Solution

  • Fixture Concept development for plate-type Design
  • 3D CAD development and concept, Design review & Modification.
  • According to finalize concept we delivered 3D model and Detailed drawings.
  • Manufacturing support.
  • The team consisted of one Fixture Design specialists and one quality analyst to create accurate Fixture design.


  • According to our concept customer can easily wash their different parts on single fixture.
  • With our idea customer can easily use combinations for the washing if required.
  • Unique color codes for loading correct parts at correct location.
  • 50% Less Storage due to single fixture.
  • 40% Reduction in cycle Time