Fan Performance | Region: INDIA

Industry: Consumer Products


  • Leading Consumer Product OEM in India.


  • Fan Blade optimisation for given parameters.

Business Challenge

The main aim of this project wasto carry out various CFD test of ceiling fan to confirm it usability.

  • Pressure & Speed across air envelope.
  • Effect of blade thickness reduction ranging from 1.2 mm to 0.98mm
  • Effect of changing blade angle (range confidential)

Milestone Solution

  •  Prepared CFD model with mapping all boundary conditions accurately.
  • For this project, the team involved 1 CFD specialists who have ample experience. Our Analyst created 3D CFD models within the delegated time.
  • Customer’s existing model was analysed as a benchmark performance. Then many iterations were carried out in order to analyse optimum blade thickness and blade angle.
  • Based on results, optimum blade thickness and optimum blade angle was proposed to customer.


  • With proven project management processes and expertise in latest tools, Milestone helps in reducing time and saves effort on complex CFD projects.
  • Use of CFD, leads to in ease of product development cycle, making it fast and cost effective.
  • Extensive experience in CFD and creating highly precise 3D CFD models, help clients get functional designs in time.