Automotive Welding Fixtures | Region: USA

Industry: Automotive


  • Leading Contract manufacturer/Vendor of MONROE and JLG in the United States.


  • To provide Jigs & Fixtures and Technical documentation.

Business Challenge

  • Customer needed an expert 3D CAD services provider to help with their fabrication and sheet
    metal design work
  • The project included components as well as whole product Development cycle including
    fixture design.
  •  Also includes to provide complex parts Assembly fixture, Complex part welding fixture if
  •  To complete and submit the parts to customer in short period of time to meet the dead line.

Milestone Solution

  • Milestone has provided engineering support services to a growing list of happy clients from around the globe.
  • For this project, the team involved One Design Engineer and Two CAD Expert who have ample experience in providing cad services.
  • Concept development for Mechanical Design
  • 3D CAD development and concept, Design review & Modification.
  • Manufacturing support.

Fixture design:

Material Selection:

  • Always using the thickness more than the parts. For example, if part have thickness 3mm we used fixture part thickness to be 5mm. If 5mm then 8mm likewise.
  •  If part is having thickness 2mm or less than 2mm we use 5mm sheet for fixture design to provide strength.

 Fixture Concept:

  • These are the Trailer parts of trucks (platform bodies/Utility bodies). Accordingly, we have design the fixture with guide lines and availability of material from customer.
  • Study the area where welding is going to be done and designed the fixture accordingly.
  • We have design the fixed base structure on which the whole bed will get welded at single time.
  • Size of the bed was too large and the customer don’t have large size sheet in-house so we have made the fixture into two parts and then join them by Bolting together to get whole single fixture (see the 1st image below).
  •  For holding parts in location we used the DESTACO clamps as per the customer request. Those are HORIZONTAL TOGGLE CLAMPS, VERTICAL TOGGLE CLAMPS, C-CLAMPS.
  •  While design we have make sure that the base or Bed of the fixture is strong enough to hold and give stable support according to size of the part while also considering the weight of the fixture.
  • When parts are long in size and getting welded, there are chances of WARP ( bending in part due to welding). To avoid Warping we have provided adequate support to long parts which are going to be welded with help of clamps and hand fixture.
  • After getting approval from the customer we have provided the DXF and drawings for all the parts in Fixture.


  • With proven project management processes and expertise in latest tools, Milestone helps in
    reducing time and saves effort on complex designing projects
  •  60% of cost reduction. As total Engineering work has handled by us.
  • Quick Turnaround due to Time difference. This proved very effective as it involves with day to
    day routine manufacturing.
  • Avoid of machining components further reduces cost & manufacturing time.