Automotive Components Manufacturing Support |
Region: USA

Industry: Automotive Component Manufacturing


  • Leading manufacturer/Vendor of Automotive component manufacturing in the


  • To provide the manufacturing support which includes machine tool path generation in
    master-cam, Machine fixture, Pressure test fixture etc…


Business Challenge

  • Customer needed CNC programs for complex product using master-cam software and fixture design for machining parts.
  • Customer also required 3D model in case they have only customer prints
  •  Sometimes customer required the pressure test fixture in which automation of fixtures is done using hydraulics and pneumatics cylinders, limit switches, sensors etc.
  • Also includes fixture parts manufacturing drawings.
  • Deliver defect free products and services in a timely and cost effective manner to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Milestone Solution


  • Milestone has provided engineering support services to a growing list of happy clients from around the globe.
  • We provide machining programs using master-cam for quoting purposes and some cases actual machining programs if fixture is present.
  • Our modelers created 3D models and manufacturing drawing using solid works within the delegated time.
  • 3D CAD development and concept as needed, Design review/ Modification and manufacturing drawings.
  • The team consisted of one 3D modeling specialists, one master-cam expert.

Mastercam Toolpath Programs:

  • Mainly the programs are generated for 3 Axis, 4 Axis machine and the lathe machine.
  • Customer provide us the customer drawings and model to generate the master-cam programs for the parts. They provided us the machine as well as the casting model to compare the machining region on parts.
  • Our team member generates the tool path and specify feed and speed, according to the material and part complexity.
  • For this project, we also provided the client custom tool for different operations which would reduce the time of machining and costing.


Fixture Design

  • Customer required a machining fixture for easy transition from part to part, increased accuracy.
  • Customer also provide us the guidelines for fixture design that includes the properties like total force required, clamps suppliers, stroke length, overall dimensions etc.
  • Customer also sometimes pressure test fixture with the automation and mechanism using hydraulic and pneumatics.



  • With proven project management processes and expertise in latest tools, Milestone helps in reducing time and saves effort on complex designing projects
  •  30% of cost reduction. As total Engineering work has handled by us.
  • Quick Turnaround due to Time difference. This proved very effective as it involves with day to day routine manufacturing.
  • Avoid of machining components further reduces cost & manufacturing time.