Architectural Design Project | Region:USA

Industry: AEC


  • Leading Architectural Firm in USA.


  • Building Design from LOT Size

Input From Customer: LOT Address


Business Challenge

  • The main aim of this project was to Design entire building as per the local building standard.

Milestone Solution

  • Address: California.
  • Located the LOT and its size and Property Line from concerned Municipal website.
  • Prepared AutoCAD drawing of LOT
  • Prepared Architectural design in Revit model of Main building, detached parking and Accessories Dwelling Unit (ADU) as per the local architectural standards: Front, Rear and Side Setbacks, Room sizes, Pathway, Garage, Compound Railing height, etc.
  • For this project, the team involved 2 Revit and AutoCAD specialists who have ample experience. Our Designers created Building models within the designated time.



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  • Using these CAD & BIM solution results in ease of project management, fast and cost effective execution.
  • Extensive experience in REVIT and creating highly precise 3D BUILDING models, help clients get further execution of work in efficient time-line.