Work Culture


We are achievers, not simply chiefs. Every last one of us straightforwardly adds to the income and development of the company, cites

Mr. Amit Gunjal, Managing Director, Milestone PLM Solutions.

Milestone highly esteems its association. Headed by a youthful, unique top supervisory crew of individuals who show others how its done and go where expected to take care of business, it’s an organisation with a totally involved way to deal with getting things done.

Anyone can appear in a director’s room, or rather, work area – to share an idea or examine a better approach for getting things done. The availability gives opportunity with responsibility and discipline, and enables individuals to understand their maximum capacity.



“We have faith in self-propelled individuals who propel themselves harder than any other person can – individuals who are continually ‘working upwards in the evening’,” says Amit Gunjal. There’s no space for laid back Under-Performer here in Milestone. Our folks are decided by results.”

Business Tops of our Specialty Units run their focuses of greatness with a drawn out essential viewpoint while guaranteeing month-on-month productivity through Administration by Goal and standard objective coordinated business arranging in light of examination and measurements.



Cross-useful groups pool their aggregate insight and invigorate innovative idea to further develop execution, establishing a boundary less ambience where thoughts stream to deliver positive outcomes.

Every worker is a “Holon” – an entire with an unmistakable personality, engaged to make interesting individual commitments and take free choices to take care of business. Simultaneously, every worker is a natural piece of a “Holarchy” or bigger entire, one of the Free Specialty Units that make up the still bigger holarchy, Milestone PLM Solutions, the KPO holarchy of holarchies, offering combined business process re-appropriating administrations under one rooftop.



Self-sorting out and independent groups: It isn’t so much that there are no superior here, it’s simply that each part is a ‘expert’ in some space & liable for their commitment to a given outcome. It resembles in a subterranean insect state (perhaps of nature’s best group), the sovereign focuses on her occupation of generation, not on controlling what different insects do. The actual group has a unique kind of energy separate from its individuals. Its interconnected nature takes into account more prominent efficiency, dependability and proficiency. For this reason, some insect provinces can uphold up to 300 million individuals with specific capabilities like food gathering and protection, without a “boss” investigating their shoulders!

Concentration around Actions: Take the choice, get the work done, take care of business. More noteworthy dexterity and speed of reaction at crucial times

Faster data stream and great correspondence between colleagues


Our Main Management crew

VCD – Valuable chances to develop

We put resources into on-going preparation and abilities improvement through classes and studios led by industry experts, and give high weightage to data sharing both inside practical groups and between groups working in various business areas.

At Milestone, our folks have quick track career development choices and potential chances to develop and learn. The broadness and profundity of their jobs and occupation capabilities empowers them to be presented to various work circumstances, so they can choose the region that matches their expertise and abilities. At Milestone, it is entirely expected to find an individual who has begun with information section benefits and has proceeded to deal with web showcasing or examination. We urge our people to wear various caps and get a balanced perspective on the business. They likewise have the chance to work for worldwide enterprises, supporting their clients and gaining from their worldwide accepted procedures. Connecting with global clients on their home turf and understanding their necessities is likewise a piece of the most common way of relocating an undertaking seaward. Obviously, we put areas of strength for an on decent correspondence and relational capacities.



Unstopabble learning

Each project has its extraordinary necessities and training is given to all colleagues at the beginning, to accomplish anticipated results. Our clients look for complete business solutions

 – they characterize the “what” and leave the “how” to us.

For the people who as of now have a cycle set up, we duplicate their current interaction while we progress it seaward. This limits factors and upgrades the possibility of progress. When the re-appropriating process is laid out, we at Milestone frequently propose a more successful approach to getting things done. We then surpass client assumptions by conveying to more elevated levels of efficiency and effectiveness than those Mentioned in the SLAs.

While our work includes consistent learning, you could say our clients also are ceaselessly getting taught from us!


Representative Motivation

Milestone offers services in different spaces with center around unambiguous business verticals from mechanical to architerural. This sets out open doors for development and roads for exploration where our kin can do various types of work, overhaul and improve their abilities and move into new areas of interest. In an industry where everyday work could become repetitive, career growth and employment fulfilment is high at Milestone as we deliberately search for ways of involving ability in various domains.

Pro-activeness, discipline and best execution is compensated with incentives, benefit sharing plans and other creative techniques.



Seminars and workshops on an on-going premise level up our kin’s abilities in essential reasoning, arranging, people management and conflict management.

Each new project additionally requires its own particular kind of preparing to guarantee conveyance to exclusive expectations of value inside time and cost boundaries.

Data sharing

In particular spaces like information process outsourcing, our senior experts meet and offer industry bits of knowledge and updates in various fields where innovation and its application is changing at a quick speed. They approach top of the line online libraries and different sources for their examination.


Client focus

At Milestone, we approach business according to a client’s perspective. As opposed to promoting the work we offer, we comprehend your remarkable business needs and afterward go all on a mission to meet them. Once in a while this could mean contributing another service. We construct connections and proposition esteem, utilizing our specific skill in various business areas.

We handle each business query as though it were our last. That is the means by which we’ve developed hugely at a time.

In particular, we fabricate trust through genuineness, uprightness, open conversations and transparency. Clients can cooperate with individuals really accomplishing the work. For instance while rethinking consulting services, the client can see what person (deputed on his project) is doing on daily basis, progressively.


Roles to Exhibit Capacity

Milestone’s cross-function groups work in cooperative energy to deliver results, many times, utilizing and refining processes where jobs and working frameworks are distinct for consistency in quality. The jobs our kin fill are basically as differed and testing as the re-evaluating system itself.

  • Business Heads
  • Business Development Chiefs
  • Domain specialist/experts
  • Sales Managers/Account managers/Customer relationship managers
  • Project managers/Migration chiefs
  • Project Leads/Team Leads
  • Process Leaders/Program managers
  • Client assistance experts/Representatives/Agents
  • Team leaders/Supervisors
  • Quality managers/Operations managers
  • Quality coaches/Quality controllers/Quality assurance supervisors
  • Voice/Accent/Culture Trainers
  • Product and process trainers
  • Shift supervisors/Managers

Allow the Milestone to group be a piece of your business world!

Qualified to succeed

Milestone takes pride in introducing its group of profoundly qualified and experienced experts and advisors, fit for giving greatness in tasks and conveyance to the principles of worldwide organizations.

Our workers hold proficient or post advanced educations in different subject streams.

Engineers with specializations in civil, mechanical, electronics, electrical engineers, architects & Interior designers make up the rich ability base of Milestone solutions. In the subject of knowledge process outsourcing, we have a pool of researchers with doctorates post-graduate and doctoral certificate holders in Promoting, Market research, Management, Marketing communications.

Interface with the expert individuals for your work. Contact Milestone PLM Solutions immediately.


Activity. Enthusiasm. Energy. Results.

All combining towards business without limitations in Milestone PLM Solutions That is Milestone for you.