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Our insightful product design consulting experience of more than a decade helps us assist product design development firms looking for fast pace development of their most complex sheet metal components or machinery. Our product development team has developed world-class products for our customers that involve rigorous research, design study, detail engineering, prototyping, and testing.

We can manage an entire development program from receipt of the design concepts, through design engineering and data production, to tool design, mould-flow analysis and onwards to production, using some of the most experienced engineers. Whether it’s a project emanating from the automotive industry, or the medical sector, involving transport and aerospace projects, or consumer products and special effects, MILESTONE can make a valuable contribution to the project.

Product Design & Development Services:

  • Product Styling & Ergonomics:
  • At Milestone, our aim is to transform your ideas to reality. Our styling team give great importance to client inputs. Our design and development process is completely transparent and we will work closely with you to ensure that you are thoroughly involved

  • Reverse Engineering:
  • Beyond 3D PMI Definition, SOLIDWORKS MBD helps organize the CAD data into clean and structured 3D presentations with different views and display settings.

  • Prototype building
  • We can build a working prototype using 3d printer or machining. We have in house capability of 3D printing and Machining centre, enables to build your working model.

  • Virtual Prototyping is a process by which products and environments are created through computer generated modelling techniques. These are rendered to simulate photographic images of a product or component in its own environment. 3D models of photo-realistic quality can supplant actual photographs of real objects and scenes, and in some cases these images are all that’s required to make a professional judgment about a new product. Clients occasionally augment the physical modelling process with virtual prototypes.

  • Material Selection, Product Costing :
  • Change in technology, invention of new process play important role to decide proper material so that customer can achieve more profitability along with better product design.

  • Special purpose machine design :
  • MILESTONE strives to offer the best services in custom design machinery completed with the best effective solutions that could be found on the market. Our technical solutions cover a wide range of industrial or non-industrial branches. When it comes to machine design we are not limited to only one kind. Due to their vast experience, our engineers are capable to accomplish design for, basically, everything starting from individual pieces of equipment to larger machines and complex systems used in different sectors: industrial, medical, food and beverage, etc. In the process of designing we are very careful when we choose our suppliers, just because, we are always committed to blend the top quality products with the cost effective solutions. In other words, best quality for less money.

  • Jigs & Fixture design:
  • Whether jigs and fixtures are used for repeatability and exact duplication of a part for reproduction, or for holding objects in place and clamp them for machining, they are very important devices for the manufacturing industry. They are almost irreplaceable in the mass production offering many advantages such as: speed production, production cost reduction, consistent quality, elimination of machining errors, machine operator's safety improvement. Our engineers have experience in designing hydraulic, pneumatic and manual jigs and fixtures.

  • Mold Design :
  • As part of our full services offerings, at MILESTONE, we also provide plastic mold design services that utilize a number of advanced molding processes. Let it be single or multi cavity mold, we design mold for best product outcome. Our high end CAD & CAE tools ensure your design is validated for better output.

  • Sheet metal Design / Fabrication:
  • At MILESTONE, we have always delivered high-quality robust designs that are compliant with the international standards. We have provided quality services to businesses across various industry sectors such as automobile, aerospace, electronics, power, transport, and telecom. Some of the key sheet metal product design services

  • Plastic Product Design:
  • Our skillsets are mated with our years of real world manufacturing experience, and can deliver comprehensive solutions, and a clear cost effective development and manufacturing path. Our product development and engineering service consists of consultation, design-for-manufacturability, full product development and design, building, prototyping, volume manufacturing, comprehensive project management, and reverse engineering design.

  • Casting Design
  • The casting design and manufacturing team at MILESTONE a have designed and manufactured complex shapes for several global customers with the aid of the latest casting software tools and casting technologies. The cast products delivered by our team are being used in industries like Heavy Engineering, Aviation and Automotive amongst others.

    With concurrent engineering services, well-established quality processes and superlative design methodology, we can ensure shorter and more efficient design and manufacturing cycles. Choose MILESTONE as your casting engineering design services partner and give your business a competitive edge.

  • Multi axis CAM programming
  • We offer Multi axis CAM programming services for all types of lathes and milling machines. Choose MILESTONE as your CAM Programming services partner and give your business a competitive edge.

  • Offline Robot programming
  • Milestone also helps you to programme your robots. The best advantage is we do programming offline. No matter whatever your robot make is and whatever work it is doing such as pick & place, welding, painting etc. Leave your programming to us and rest assured.

    Pricing and Consulting Engagement Options

    • Hourly- rates are available, based on your volume of work and type of work
    • Full-time Equivalent - rates can be provided for larger projects, ensuring your project will be completed within a fixed budget.

    To gain control over product design development and use your engineers’ talent efficiently, let us handle your drafting and modeling services.
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