lighting design
lighting design
lighting design


Milestone is a company capable of offering a comprehensive range of LED lighting design services prior to any commercial or industrial installation.

Our computer-aided, LED lighting design capabilities give our clients the ability to visualise the effects of installing LED light fittings into their workspace. Milestone will typically design to recommended lux levels to ensure you investment is compliant with standard practices. Our Engineers can alternatively work to lux levels set by you, if your organisation has specific requirements.

Our projects span a whole range from facade to landscape, commercial to residential complex, industrial to heritage, mall to museum, educational institution to sports... in varying scales.

Our services in a project includes :

  • Interactions with the clients, architects, and end-users (where relevant)
  • Followed by conceptualization of design
  • Proposing budget specific lighting schemes,
  • Lighting level analysis
  • Analysis with respect to power consumption and efficient alternatives
  • Working drawings
  • technical specifications,
  • Technical assistance in procurement of lighting hardware and finally
  • onsite supervision during installation till commissioning of the project


  • Backspill control
  • False colour rendering
  • Multi-level designs
  • Up-lighting
  • Drawings
  • Glare control
  • External scenes

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