Offset Surface

We are tasked to change the design of a cover. This cover encloses Water System used in Water Jet Cutting Machine. The new design needs more clearance for internal components.

This cover is designed using surfacing techniques. So, let’s use offset surface to add a clearance of about 5mm. New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, faces that can’t be offset the desired amount are automatically identified & highlighted in the tree.

These faces are failing because minimum radius of curvatures is less than 5mm. You can find out the minimum radius of curvature using “Check” tool located in Evaluate tab.

If you click “Remove All Failing Faces” in the property manager, the tool creates an offset surface with gaps caused by removing the failed faces.

From here onwards, SOLIDWORKS powerful surfacing tools make it easy to clean up the remaining surfaces & create a design that can be injection molded.

To finish the design, we can use a surface thicken to create a constant wall thickness part. New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you have the option to thicken the surface equally in both directions.

Our finished design meets requirements, & is ready to be manufactured.

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