Repairing Missing References for Fillets & Chamfers

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can repair fillet and chamfer features that are missing edges.

Let’s, understand how this work using design of screen rim. This model is made up of three features i.e. Boss-Extrude1, 5/32 (0.15625) Diameter Hole1 & Fillet1.

Let’s move the rollback bar to see only Boss-Extrude1 feature. In first feature we created most of the geometry of rim.

Sometimes, creating this geometry using two different features will help us to better control configurations or to maintain the design intent. Let’s split this single feature into two features. In first feature we will only add material & in second step we will create the cut.

Now, we achieved same design using two different features i.e. Boss-Extrude1 & Cut-Extrude1. Let’s roll forward to see effect of these changes on next featues. Fillet1 feature has an error.

When you edit fillet or chamfer features that have errors, all missing references display at the top of the Items to Fillet box in the PropertyManager. You can right-click missing references to zoom to their location, clear the list of missing references. New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can repair individual or all missing references.

Once you click on Repair All Missing References, Software attempts to reattach missing references to nearby valid physical edges. After completing the process, repaired edges are displayed.


Repair All Missing References option is available for editing chamfers as well.






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