MILESTONE Offers FREE CAD | FEA | Design Support for Medical Device Companies during Covid-19 Outbreak.


MILESTONE PLM SOLUTIONS is offering a range of FREE CAD | CAM | FEA Services to support researchers, Medical Devices manufacturers to understand and respond to the global health emergency caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

This FREE Support is aimed at companies located India as well across the globe and to help them due to lack of resources/manpower. Due to lock downs and increasing infections day by day, companies are finding difficult to develop new products to fight this epidemic faster. Same is the reason Why we want to support.

MILESTONE is committed to ensuring that research findings and New Medical Products/Testing Kits/New Ventilators relevant to this outbreak must developed & shared rapidly and openly to support the public health response and help save lives.

Please feel free to contact:

Amit Gunjal

Milestone PLM Solutions Pvt Ltd.


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