One of the latest trends in engineering is working with 3D models in virtual reality. By examining 3D models in virtual reality, we can give our design teams and customers new and exciting ways to experience our products.

SOLIDWORKS native Part and Assembly files can be opened and examined in a true 1:1 scale in virtual reality. We can teleport around the models, move components away from one another, and get a true feel for the aesthetics and functionality of designs.

To start, Click File>Open in VR in eDrawings Professional 2020.

Fig.1 Open in VR

We can open SOLIDWORKS Part and Assembly Files by using above option.

Fig.2 File types that can be opened

The file is now open in eDrawings, but still we are not viewing the file in VR. Before we proceed, we can adjust some settings for the VR environment.

Fig.3 SOLIDWORKS File opened in eDrawings

We can change the sky as well as floor. Here, I have changed sky to Factory Hall & Floor to Factory Floor.

Fig.4 Options to change Floor & Sky

If model appears dull in that case we can increase the light intensity. We can also use shadows on or off & Horizon Fading Options.

Fig.5 Light Intensity is increased

Here are two views showcasing this machine from two different angles.

Fig.6 View at an angle

Fig. 7 Inside View

If you click on Controls button, a small window appears showcasing how to navigate in eDrawings using controllers.

Fig.8 VR Controls Window

Now, if you have Headset like HTC Vive & it is connected to software, you can click on play button & begin experiencing your model in virtual reality.

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