Quick Mates Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020

The Quick Mates toolbar was introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2014. It provides a means to rapidly assemble components directly from the graphics area. When you hold down the Control key & select more than two faces, then as you release the Control key Quick Mates toolbar appears at your cursor tip.

Fig.1 Quick Mates Toolbar

SOLIDWORKS 2020 extends this popular tool, by adding additional commonly used mates. Let’s understands this using example of Mounting Bracket. When mating the washer to the slot, the Quick Mates toolbar now includes the Slot Mate and provides options for choosing its constraint. For this case, we will centre it in the slot.

Fig.2 Constraint Options for Slot Mate

The screw needs to be mated to the washer, let’s do this with the Profile Center mate from the Quick Mates toolbar, previously there was no way to flip the mate alignment except editing the mate after creating it. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020, a new Flip Alignment button pops up allowing you to flip the mate on creation.

Fig.3 Profile Centre Mate

Fig.4 Flip Alignment Button for Profile Centre Mate

Just as with the Slot mate, the constraint options are available for the Width mate to establish its position. The new Flip Alignment button pops up allowing alignment changes on the fly.

Fig.5 Constraint Options for Width Mate

Fig.6 Flip Alignment Button for Width Mate

Limit Mates have also been added to the Quick Mates toolbar. Both the Limit Distance and Limit Angle mates are now available to quickly position components in the assembly. The angle, maximum and minimum values can be entered immediately.

Fig.7 Limit Distance & Limit Angle in Quick Mates Toolbar

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