With so much of R&D happening in automotive industry around the world there is a need for highly efficient process that can not only exploit the potential of capitalizing market opportunities; but also helps in getting new opportunities through new market dynamics. Thus, emerges a sophisticated engineering and design process for automotive industry that thrives on excellence and responds to the unprecedented needs of the customers.

MILESTONE is one of the most reliable engineering product design service partner which offers end-to-end design and engineering service. Our vast knowledge and industry experience along with a high standard of work empowers you to delight your customer by supplying world class products.

We help you design and develop your products at a faster pace than before. Our Automotive services support our clients from the concept till the production. We are capable of helping you with any stage of product development.

Automotive Services:

Engineering Design Solutions
  • Body
  • Chassis
  • Interior & Exterior Systems
  • FEA

Distinctive Business Value Addition:

  • Highly sophisticated automotive design capabilities to help you develop environmentally conscious and fuel efficient vehicle designs
  • Smarter interiors and superior safety inclusions for the new generation of vehicles
  • Effective business operations methodologies and process control
  • Entrusting trust and faithfulness towards the customers in a very professional manner

we'll one over 15 Years of experience you always the best guidance

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