What’s new in Autodesk 2022 | Model States

This is an exciting time of year as the Inventor team delivers another impressive software release packed with enhancements—driven by you and extensive market research.  This article will provide an overview of what to expect when you install Inventor 2022.  Over the next several weeks, you will see multiple blog articles that will dive deeper into each of the enhancements.

Model States

We know that it is common to have several variations of a design that are similar but different.  Typically, these variations are managed as separate files that don’t associate with each other.  Model States is a powerful new workflow that enables you to create multiple representations of a part or assembly within a single document to provide a convenient way to engineer, manage, and manufacture your designs with different dimensions and parameters, components, properties, or simplification levels. Because variations exist in one document, there is no need to worry about breaking associations between files.

Model states can be used for the following:

  • Machining operations from the casted model to the final part
  • Sheet metal stages for multiple bend operations
  • Weldments for weld preparation and other machining operations
  • Product families that have different values for dimensions or features that are shown or suppressed
  • Alternative assembly positions to quickly switch between them visually or used for drawing views
  • Level of completion for each stage as your design gets assembled
  • Simplification levels for removing intellectual property or high levels of detail before export
  • Bill of Materials instance properties

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